Wow, I appreciate you very much for your interest in my projects.

First let me be clear. All my projects have one unified mission, to empower people to reach their goals in life.

So why exactly am I creating many projects for the same purpose?

Simply because, I love narrowing the niche. In other words, I prefer to talk to a specific group of people with common characteristics, so that my message reaches their hearts easily.

Here is the short list of my current projects:


It is a brand with a blog, an online store, an Amazon store and some product recommendations.

With this brand and the resources it offers, I am trying to help any small business owner with a stay at home wife to organize his own and his family’s life.

It focuses on helping the small business owner to be more organized and productive in his business, and at the same time have quality time with his family.

Aref Online:

At the moment, this brand is targeting people in Middle east, speaking Arabic.

Through this brand I am trying to change the mindset. Middle east people aren’t business people by nature, and they tend to stay in the comfort zone of a day job.

However, they keep complaining all the time about low income compared to the the higher expenses. Due to inflation.

This brand consists of a website, a podcast, a YouTube channel and some product recommendations. And it should help people to start an online business, to support them in reaching their goals on life.

Wish me luck 🙂