My name is Shady Al Aref. I am an online entrepreneur and a blogger.

I live in Egypt, and I have started my entrepreneurial journey in 2002.

I have worked as a freelance web developer, then as a webmaster and finally formed an online business in 2012. A company registered in Florida, U.S.

Since I started working, I loved the process of building businesses and systems. I enjoyed communicating with clients and providing value, even before thinking about my money.

Throughout the years of self development, I settled on two main brands. Nazzam and Aref Online.

Both brands are focusing on helping people to succeed in life, and I am doing so by providing valuable written, audio and video content.

I had to have a mindset shift to reach this, instead of focusing on the services or products I am offering, I spread the value first.

If you just sell without caring about the results your clients or customers want to get, after using what you offer, then you are looking for short term goals. This is what I have learnt.

But what if you really want to provide value, and you have no time or resources?

This is why I have created my personal brand website “”, because I want to help you to help your audience, and eventually help your business to succeed and reach its big goals.

That’s about me! What about you? I would love to know more about the value you want to provide to your audience.

Just contact me, even if you don’t need to use my services. Let’s just share some value.

Have a great day!

Shady Al Aref