“Winners never quit and quitters never win” Vince Lombardi (June 11, 1913 – September 3, 1970) was an American football player, coach, and executive.

It is the best quote to start with. If you want to stay motivated and always win you should never quit, because if you are a quitter you will always give up halfway to your goal and you will never win.

In this article I will try to help you with a few but valuable tips that can help you stay motivated, focused and reach your goal easily.

Define your goal and the reasons

As a blogger you need to clearly define your goal. Do you want to be a thought leader in your field? Do you want more traffic to your site? Or is it your passion to share your thoughts and talk to your fans?

Whatever your goal is, you need to define it and write it down on a paper sheet then stick it on your room wall. Every time you get distracted you will see your goal in front of you.

Sometimes even if you know your goal, you lose the spirit and the passion. To solve that you need to write the main 2-3 reasons why you are chasing that goal.

For example if you want to blog to get more traffic to your site, then the reasons can be to make money from Google AdSense or promote your products online, and so on.

Focus on your passion and visualize the end results

Stay engaged all the time. To focus on a blogging as a passion you need to surround yourself with everything related to your passion, you need to read lots of blogs, talk to other bloggers on forums and social media, and keep reading articles like this one to always stay in the game.

And, dream big! I know you feel like dreams are not reality, but if you dream big you will always be able to visualize the end results that you want to achieve, and smile in faith. Dreaming will increase your motivation especially if you have a clear and defined goal that you are trying to reach.

Lose your negative energy friends

It might sound harsh, but you have to. If you have true friends, they will never try to make you feel worse. Your true friends will never say something like “You are a loser”, “you will never reach your goal” or “Do you think you are the next Bill Gates? You wish!” So, knowing for sure that your toxic friends are not true friends it will be easy for you to lose them. I am not saying to breakup with those friends, just keep the distance and try to avoid any situation where they start spreading the contagious negative energy to bring you down.

Always surround yourself with people with purpose, passion and high motivation then make them your close friends.

Reward yourself on every small goal

You may already know that you can’t eat 20 apples in one meal, because you will get stomach pain. This applies to reaching your goals. You need to split your big goal to small attainable goals and try to reach them one by one.

Make sure to reward yourself on every small goal you reach. Take a short break, go out with close friends or even have a nice meal. Just reward yourself, don’t be too selfless.

Build a habit, don’t praise it and make it a tool

It is easy to build a good habit, but it is easier to break it, unlike bad habits. We also tend to keep bad habits because they are always easy, enjoyable but also harmful. While good habits like writing good blog articles are the opposite.

So, if you succeed in building a habit and face any interruption or failure to keep that habit, don’t get demotivated. Don’t feel as a loser; just take that break or interruption peacefully and continue to recover your habit afterwards. Your habit is not the holy book, it is just a tool that will help you stay on the way to success.

A quick tip to build a habit is to keep doing it continuously for 21 to 40 days. Some online researches say that the 21 days habit building is a myth. But if you try the first 21 days without quitting once you face an interruption, believe me, you will see it is not a myth.

In general, becoming a motivated blogger is not difficult, staying motivated is. If you follow the above tips you will be able to stay motivated much longer and maybe all the time.

Please share your feedback or more tips to help me and other readers in the comments area below.