For two years I have been waiting for my garden plants to grow as expected, I had no time and I wasn’t dedicated enough to water them every day regularly; but I kept waiting for results.
Sometimes I water them twice per week and other times I leave them without water for a full month. But I kept waiting for results! Am I doing what I have to do? Is there something wrong with the plants themselves? I didn’t know until my brother decided to take it over from there.

One day after a very busy month, I came back from work and didn’t recognize my garden; it is full of grown plants! What happened? It is dedication.

My brother kept watering them for a full month everyday morning with an adequate amount of water, and voilà … We have a garden!

Running a business requires dedication, commitment and patience. You should do all efforts to maintain your product or service quality in order to keep your current customers, and be innovative with a constant marketing campaign to get new customers. That can’t happen if you do as I did with my plants, you should follow my brother’s lead.

If you can’t do everything, or have a certain weakness, hire it. Yes, you need to hire all your weaknesses and focus on your strength points. You might be good at marketing and not good with math, then hire an accountant; you can’t do everything on your own … got it?

Once you and your employees reach the adequate level of dedication and commitment, you only need to be patient and soon you will enjoy your garden … your business success.