Your main goal is to increase your creativity in order to be a creative blogger. You keep searching for online tips to boost your creativity easily and quickly. But the tips are not working.

If you want to be a creative blogger you should first believe that you can, and to believe you should know a fact. Creativity exists inside every brain.
But if it is inside every brain, how some people are more creative than others? To know the reason you need to know how creativity works in your brain.

How creativity works in your brain?

Creative ideas are moments of insights that come from the right side of the brain. Your brain is consuming visual and other types of inputs most of the time, it saves those inputs as non-connected pieces of information. The right area of your brain pulls those unrelated information and make the connections to create a new original idea hidden inside your mind. Here comes creativity.

Dr. Rex Jung from the University of New Mexico was studying this. He has noticed that when there is less activity in the front area of your brain, creative ideas come to the surface.

Creativity and the creative process

Creativity is the process of using old ideas to create a new idea. As we mentioned earlier, pieces of information enters your brain and it connects them to propose a creative idea.

When you have a problem of any type you start looking for a solution by getting more knowledge. Your brain starts to process the information and try to produce a solution “the idea”. The idea comes to the surface while you are relaxing, working out, driving or gardening. Then, you begin to test the idea before you implement it as a nice blog post or a new valuable product.

Enhancing and maintaining the brain creativity state

Now you have a brief knowledge on how creativity works. In order to be able to increase creativity and maintain this state in your brain you need to focus on controlling your thoughts.
Controlling your thoughts will help greatly in providing enough space in your brain for creative ideas to come out easily. You can try relaxation, remove distractions, and change your daily routine.

You are creative by nature, because creativity is inside every brain. Don’t underestimate your skills or believe that only few people in the world are creative. Believe in your abilities and you will produce great ideas that impress us all.

Are you ready to be a creative blogger? Share any creativity tips that worked for you in the comments area below.