I know that it is your main concern, to build a big WordPress blog. And if you have big blog, you need to make it much bigger. Believe me, it is the main goal of every blogger.

There is nothing better to help you achieve this goal than bodybuilding. I hear you say “What? Is Shady kidding or just doesn’t know what to write?” I understand your confusion, but I insist. Nothing can help you better than a sport that requires time, dedication and brings great results that makes you proud of.

In the rest of this article, I will list the steps you need to build a big WordPress blog using the exact same tips you follow in building a big muscle.

1- Fuel your engine and hit the start

Starting to workout is always hard, but it gets easier with time. The aircraft uses almost one third of fuel in the takeoff only. Which means, it is better to push yourself to start working-out even if it is hard. Motivate yourself, watch training videos or get a personal trainer at the beginning to help you, but keep in mind that this will not last long, because it will get much easier with time.

What about blogging?! It is exactly the same! At this moment, you are doing great in your start phase. You are already motivated and the proof is that you are reading this article. You searched and found this nice post to fuel your energy and start writing. This is what I am helping you to do. It is only hard at the beginning.

2- Exercise regularly

Do you want to begin with the hard start phase I mentioned above every time you work out? Of course not. Because you don’t have to, and it is exhausting. Then you need to exercise regularly to keep your spirit and energy on a stable high level.

When you build a muscle you need to exercise regularly, and so is building your WordPress blog. Put a schedule that you can follow and then, simply follow. If you can blog every day, do that. If you can blog every two days, then go with it. If you don’t have enough time, then make it on a weekly basis, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you make a schedule you should be able to stick to it no matter what. With regular blogging, you will master the art and you won’t find any difficulties writing the next article.

3- Feed it well

After workout, muscles need to recover the damaged fibers. It will look for protein in your system to perform the recovery, to get bigger muscles after this process you need to eat food high in protein. In blogging, your protein is the ideas and the sources are books, other big blogs and news sites. You should have a permanent flow of ideas which will come only through continuous reading and research.

4- Be fair, build them equally

For maximum results, you need to provide each muscle with one day recovery at least. So, if you work out on a daily basis, you should change the muscles you are working on day after day. For example workout on your chest muscles today, and workout on your back muscles tomorrow, then repeat.

In blogging, topics and categories are your muscle groups. Don’t focus on the same topic or category and leave others empty. You should build all categories equally to avoid boring your WordPress blog readers and yourself.

5- Make it a life-style

Have you ever got the feeling of “So what?”, when you reach your goal and get Hugh Jackman body definition, you will take the photo of your amazing body, upload it to Instagram then, quit. You don’t have the motive any more, but what will you do when you gain fat and lose your achievements? You will go back to step 1, which we both know how difficult it is.

To avoid that, you need to make it a life-style. Don’t wait for results, they will come eventually and focus on the process itself. Back to our topic, a big WordPress blog full of regular small but valuable articles is better than a blog with few lengthy articles. Love and make blogging a habit.

6- Monitor progress and keep it up

The mirror tells you how is your muscle building progress, but what about your blog? There are tons of WordPress plugins that you can use to analyze your blog performance. For example, you can use Google Analytics to get lots of data that will show you how good you are doing on your blog and what exactly you need to enhance.

Those analytics are very helpful in keeping you motivated, because once you get real data showing interest in your blog, this will fuel your energy and will support all the above steps that will grow your blog.

Can you relate more bodybuilding tips to blogging? If you can, please add them in the comments area below and let’s discuss. It will be fun!